Runny nose with blood — what does it mean?

A runny nose by itself does not indicate severe pathologies. It appears periodically in all people. This symptom indicates a cold. But if there is blood in the nasal discharge, then this phenomenon is alarming. What pathologies can a runny nose with blood talk about? How to act in such a situation?

The main causes of a runny nose with blood

A bloody runny nose can occur as a result of pathological or physiological causes. To understand what is at stake, it is necessary to consider the structure of the nasal mucosa.

The outer inner shell is covered with non-keratinized epithelium with movable cilia. This epithelial layer protects the respiratory system from the penetration of viruses, foreign elements, dust. There are many metabolic processes in the nasal mucosa. Such reactions require a large amount of nutrients. Therefore, many vessels are localized in the mucosa, which provide an influx of the necessary components.

Any injuries to the nose may be accompanied by damage to the capillary. And this causes bleeding. Moreover, the strength and frequency of such a phenomenon depends on the individual structure of the mucosa, the condition of the vessels.

Physiological causes

Thinking about why the nose bleeds with a runny nose, do not rush to attribute to yourself all the most severe diagnoses. The culprits of the problem are often quite harmless causes that can be easily eliminated on their own. So, the main factors leading to an unpleasant phenomenon.


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