Pediatric cardiac surgery. Treatment of complex heart defects in children. Gorbatikov K. V.

Congenital heart defects remain the main cause of infant mortality, therefore they require immediate treatment. The Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery “Medical City” has all the possibilities to provide urgent medical care to children with diagnosed heart defects. The department is known not only in Russia, but also abroad for its achievements, in particular for carrying out life-saving operations from the first days of a child’s life.

What problems does pediatric cardiac surgery solve?

Congenital heart defects include intrauterine abnormalities of the development of the cardiovascular system, for example, the following:

open ductus arteriosus;

defects of the atrial and interventricular septa;

aortic coarctation;

pulmonary trunk stenosis;

tetrad and pentad of fallot;

Ebstein anomaly;

hypoplasia of the right ventricle.

transposition of the aorta and pulmonary trunk;

Taussig – Bing syndrome;

a three-chamber heart with a single ventricle and others.

and others

The most effective and modern methods are available for the diagnosis of congenital heart defects in Medical City: ECHO cardiography, Doppler scanning, angiography. Scintigraphy can also be used for diagnosis. This study is unique in its own way: in order to obtain objective results, it is necessary to remain motionless, and since children cannot be static, an anesthetic aid is used, which not all clinics can offer.

The most effective and modern methods are available for the diagnosis of congenital heart defects in Medical City

Anesthesiology and resuscitation

In working with children, especially newborns, special attention from medical workers is paid to anesthesiological and resuscitation measures: it is the anesthesiologists who prepare for the operation and help the child to leave after the most difficult operations.

Medical City employs specialists with international practice who are responsible for the following stages of treatment:

Preoperative preparation.

Summing up artificial blood circulation.

Postoperative treatment in the intensive care unit.

Carrying out resuscitation measures in case of a critical situation.

The use of efferent detoxification methods.

To ensure the safety of children during the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, the department has installed equipment for dosing nitric oxide, heating systems, stations for the metered administration of medicines. Open resuscitation systems are equipped for newborns to quickly provide the necessary assistance. The child’s condition is monitored according to the indications of cardiac monitors, cerebral oximeters.

If a child has a pathology concomitant with a heart defect, a medical commission is assembled, which determines the optimal course of treatment. At the same time, patients who are urgently admitted do not need to wait: all necessary preparatory measures will be carried out on the day of admission.

Treatment of congenital heart defects in Medical City

, endovascular techniques are used to treat complex heart defects, since a child at a young age may simply not be able to tolerate open operations.

Endovascular technologies imply the absence of open intervention and incisions, which is especially important for newborns, since the operation:

It does not require artificial circulation.

It passes easier for the child, and he can be transferred to the parents’ ward after a few hours.

It does not leave scars that could contribute to the development of complexes.

Endovascular technologies involve the introduction of vascular devices into the arterial lumen through a puncture. Such a device can be an occluder, which is promoted along the artery to the pathological focus and an operation is performed. The use of such technologies made it possible to treat life-threatening pathologies of children from the first day of life, even with low weight and in critical condition.


Depending on the diagnosis, the author’s techniques can be used, which are owned by units of surgeons: Hi-class operations of Ross, Nikaido and Norwood. For the treatment of combined and complex defects, a hybrid operating room with a modern angiograph is equipped, which appeared for the first time in Russia in Medical City. Complex operations are available to our patients, for example, stenting of the excretory part of the right ventricle, which is a relatively new technique for Russia.

Pediatric cardiac surgery — all for the sake of saving your children’s lives

The head of the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery is Kirill Gorbatikov. A cardiovascular surgeon of the highest category, a world-renowned doctor — parents whose children are in a critical situation go to him, doctors from Moscow and other capitals send young patients. Why do they choose “Medical City”? For the following reasons:

Support at all stages. We will help arrange the transfer of the child, meet you at the airport and take you to the department for urgent care.

Modern diagnostics. All the capacities of modern diagnostic equipment are available for you: scintigraphy, angiography and other techniques.

The best treatment. Kirill Viktorovich’s experience, unique techniques, the possibilities of a hybrid operating room — all this makes it possible to effectively treat even complex congenital malformations, for example, tetrad fallot.

Professional approach. In Medical City, doctors choose a course of treatment not according to the patient’s desire, but according to the possible effectiveness of certain manipulations. Even before arrival, if necessary, a consultant doctor can contact the head of the department to clarify the possible tactics of surgical intervention.

Support after surgery. To support the life of a small patient, an intensive care unit with the necessary equipment is equipped.


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