Measures to reduce mortality and harm to the body

Cigarette smoke contains more than 8,700 identified chemicals, many of which may contribute to the development of diseases [6]. Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ESDS) – electronic cigarettes and aerosols of tobacco heating systems (SNT) – are characterized by less release of toxic substances compared to cigarette smoke [7]. The main difference between SNT and cigarettes, which allows us to talk about reduced risks, is the absence of a gorenje process.

One approach to assess the potential health impact of switching to tobacco heating systems is to compare the levels of exposure biomarkers (BV) and potential harm biomarkers (BPV), including early biological effects, morphological, structural or functional changes, and clinical symptoms. The aim of a randomized controlled open-label study by N. Gale et al., conducted in 4 centers in the UK for six months, was to study whether BV and BPV change when smokers switch from cigarettes to a tobacco heating system. Within the framework of this study, a glo ™ tobacco heating system was used [8, 9].The electronic device heats a small amount of tobacco in a tobacco stick to a temperature of about 240 °C. This eliminates the burning of tobacco, but facilitates the release of nicotine into the aerosol, which the user inhales [10]. Gorenje

The participants of this study were adult men and women who smoke 10-30 cigarettes daily for at least 5 consecutive years at the age of 23-55 years. 5 groups were formed: those who continue to smoke, those who have switched to the use of SNT, those who intend to give up cigarettes using nicotine replacement therapy, and a control group who have never smoked.

Kutukova Svetlana Igorevna, Associate Professor of the Department of Dentistry of Surgical and Maxillofacial Surgery of the First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlov of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation; Member of RUSSCO; ASCO., STAR and STSPB.


“Millions of people still continue to smoke and die from diseases caused by smoking.

We understand how difficult it is, unfortunately, for an avid smoker to completely abandon a bad habit, even with a full understanding of its negative impact on his body. Quitting smoking allows you to completely eliminate the harmful effects of cigarette smoke. Perhaps it is tobacco heating systems that can really become an effective alternative for those people who for some reason cannot give up nicotine consumption. And the study presented by our English colleagues shows extremely encouraging results, indicating a significant decrease in biomarkers characterizing the harm that a cigarette causes to the human body.”


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