November 1, 2022

1 Minute

PET/CT (positron emission computed tomography) studies of the whole body

PET/CT is performed using different radiopharmaceuticals, depending on the organ under study:

PET/CT with glucose (18F-FDG) – for lung cancer, tumors of unknown localization, lymphomas, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, malignant melanoma of the skin, gynecological oncological diseases (ovarian cancer, cervical cancer), esophageal cancer, testicular cancer.

PAT/CT with methionine – for diseases of the brain.

PET / CT with choline (11C) – for diseases of the prostate gland, parathyroid adenoma.

What problem does PET/CT solve?

Diagnosis of neoplasms at the earliest stages.

Assessment of the prevalence of […]

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